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Make your product uniquely useable

When you build a new product, you can gain early traction by just focusing on the key features that make you product different and uniquely useful. Spend time understanding how your idea can add value. Spend time with your potential customers and see how they...

Five stepping stones to increased signups

If you want visitors to your online platform to become customers, it’s important to ensure that your site addresses the five unspoken questions that every potential customer wants answered before they are ready to pay.

The Four Value Dimensions—a UX Analysis Tool

First, create User Value. If you don’t, your product will fail. The four Value Dimensions: Time, Money, Utility and Prestige, provide a framework for understanding how value is defined and perceived by your users, so you can design your products to meet, and exceed, their needs and desires.

The Value Dimensions give focus to research and product planning discussion, make the sometimes amorphous concept of Value easier to quantify and discuss.